During the Holiday and Winter season we focus a lot of time on the 1:10 scale RC trucks. We are building and running 4 new trucks in 2015.  An Axial Wraith and Deadbolt will be added.  We will also be adding 2 Axial Yeti Kits and a Axial G6 Rubicon Jeep.

It’s been about 5 years since we got this deep.  The RTR Dingo will be off the shelf and running the carpet most likely.  It’s still a beauty and I want to keep it that way.  The Betty AX10 will probably come alive if Jacob ever gets around to finishing it.  I will probably blow the dust of the XR10 and finish the wiring.

We have a full plate in 2015.  That’s 7 trucks…and that’s just the Axial stuff. 

IMG_0052-1.JPGTruck: Axial Wraith

  • 2.2 RC4WD Humvee Beedlocks (RC4WD)
  • 2.2 Pit Bulls (RPP)
  • AMF side panel/door covers (RPP)
  • AMF short roof (RPP)
  • AMF hood (RPP)


IMG_0053-0.JPGTruck: Axial Deadbolt RTR

  • brand new RTR Deadbolt (RPP)
  • 1.9 RC4WD Rock Monster Beadlocks (RC4WD)
  • 1.9 Pit Bulls (RPP)


IMG_0055-0.JPGTruck: Axial Yeti Kit

  • Tekin RX8 (Tower)
  • Tekin Pro4 3000kv (Tower)
  • Robinson hardened 12t pinion (RPP)
  • Robinson hardened 64t spur (RPP)
  • Robinson hardened tranny gear (RPP)
  • Vanquish aluminum steering arm (RPP)