The MJ Trailer Project started out with a trade.  We traded some wheels and tires that were
originally off the 1998 Jeep TJ Project.  It was a great trade.  We’ve always wanted to build a Jeep trailer.  The trailer was solid, had the existing tail lights and denote tires on it.

After the trade the Jeep sat for a good 8 months.  Other projects and work seemed to take up the priority list.  Summer came and we decided to get s a few kayaks, and we needed some way to tow
them around.  The MJ Trailer seemed like the perfect fit.

Here’s what we did

  • grind and blast all the surface rust off the boat tounge
  • added a bumper to the rear
  • wired the stock taillights to a flat 4 trailer adapter
  • gave the frame and the body a paint job with Black Hammered paint
  • added wheel adapters and JK Rubicon wheels, 5 on 5.5, to match the 1998 TJ Project
  • added a $249 truck bed ladder rack system from Home Depot
  • added some kayak mounts to the ladder rack.  A drill and some hardware from Ace made it a custom install