cropped-IMG_0827-e1460299015313.jpgApril Fools day was no fools day around the garage.  We brought home two new Yamaha TW200 dual sport motorcycles.  One for me and one for my son Jacob.  He has a job and wanted to buy one.

This idea hit us a few weeks ago while discussing an old VW Squareback that has been stalled since last Summer.  I’ll b selling my 2013 MINI Cooper.  It’s posted here BTW.  We’ll be finishing the VW project and rolling either the new TW or the VW to work and back.

The first task was to figure out how to get the motorcycles home.  At the time neither Jacob our I had every really ridden a motorcycle before.  We needed to get our State of Colorado Motorcycle certification.   Via Craigslist we found the Keith Eastin at G-Force Powersports in Lakewood, Colorado.  Keith runs a great class.  Jacob and I both felt confident and safe after the two day class.  While confidence was high it was not quite high enough for us to drive the bikes back from Florence Colorado.  We where getting the bikes from Fremont Motorsports in Florence Colorado, about a 60 minute highway filled drive from where we live.  Initially we were going to buy slightly used 2015 models from the class we took.  G-Force uses a few TWs in their training classes.  In fact that was one of the main reasons why we took the course there.  MJ Trailer 5However the price they were selling them for was not low enough to offset the peace of mind you get with a new bike.


So the decision was made, but still how to we get the bikes home.  We had finished the Jeep MJ trailer build a few months ago.  However after measuring and getting some advice form the TW200forum we decide it was not going to work.  It was going to be to small and too high to work on a regal basis.  We ended up selling the MJ trailer and picking up a true motorcycle trailer. It broke out hearts to sell the one of kind trailer.  After all we had seen so much time getting it just right.

A day days of searching turned up this beauty; and it only was going to use up 1/2 the funds we had just IMG_0876made off selling the MJ trailer.  An enclosed trailer would have been nice, it was unclear whether the ’98 Wrangler would tow a 6×10 enclosed.  This little 3 bike trailer was perfect, and the price was right on.  In fact we think will can double out money when we sell it.  Yes, the plan is to use this on this Summer and find a decent 6×10 enclosed.  Hopefully all the trailer profits can combine to pay for an enclosed.  If took us a few days to wrap up that purchase and get it titled.  Luckily it only delayed the purchase a few days.

IMG_0824Friday, April 1st.  I was really hoping the bride was not playing an elaborate April Fools joke on the kids and I.  Turns out she wasn’t.  We picked up the bikes that afternoon, and got them home just after dark.  Over the next few months we’ll be riding and making some modifications.

Stay tuned.