I finally got the BarkBuster order correct.  The first set I ordered from Amazon was for large diameter bars(my error).  The second order was correct.  Wednesday I spent a good part of the evening instilling them  The middle support bar on the TW200 bars make the throttle side install a little hairy.  It really take some finessing.  If you wait, tighten everything at the end of the install, you’ll be more successful

TW200_barkbusters_0936The plan is to get the silver plastic painted to match the 2016 Midnight Blue.  Again, I’m pretty particular with the look.
The Bike Master mirror plan had to change.  My original plan was to attach them to the aluminum BarkBuster support mounts.  I was going to drill and tap a hole fro them to score into.  However that pan was not going to work  The attachment point had to much bend, and the flatter area was going to interfere with the hand controls.TW200_bikemaster_mirrors_0949

I was left with one option; attaching them to the “collar” piece of the BarkBuster bar end attachment.  They should be pretty easy to take off when trial riding.

You can see more pictures in the gallery attached below.

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