Cyclops 3800This week both bikes got the Cyclops 3800 Lumen LED Headlight.  Everything went pretty easy.  Two things to note.  We used the left back side of the reflector to attach the transformer using some high grade double sided tape.  We where unable to use the OEM rubber cover that went on the back side of the bulb.  I assume it is used to keep moisture out.  However the color that hold the bulb in should do a decent job at that.

As far as the quality of the light beam.  I’m not versed enough in the technical verbiage to make this description of the performance sound eloquent, but here it goes.  The beam it produces in brighter, and appears to be more defined the the stock bulb. The stock reflector does a great job of focusing both the low and high beam. It appears very defined when looking at it against one’s garage, or a wall. I have to admit i was worried about it being too focused after my install. However after taking it out on the street the reflector does an amazing job at tossing the reflected white light in every direction. It does this without blinding oncoming traffic. Road signs are very bright, even though the focused beam may not hit the sign directly.

Next on the list was maps and power.  We are big fans of Gaia family of apps in the Apple app store.  They allow you to download maps for offline use.  The TWs are made for getting out beyond the cell towers.  Having offline maps will come in handy.

First power.  My local motorcycle shop, Performance Cycle, had a few options. On a side note Performance is great shop.  There pricing is usually close or in some cases cheaper than I can find online.  The power outlet I’m using for this bike is $29.95 local, or $23.45 on Amazon.  I don’t mind paying a little more for a quick sale.

TW200 power outlet 0908The install was kinda hairy.  Most of the time was spent figuring out where to mount it.  I did a ton of internet image searching trying to find a great idea.  However I was at a loss.  I’m the type of person that likes a OEM stock look to most everything I put my hands on.  I want it to look stock, but better.  I want it to appear as if it was always meant to be that way.  Some people think that make me a little picky about thing like this, but you decide.

I ended up cutting off the mounting brackets that cam with the Eklipse unit.  I pulled out the industrial strength double sided tape again.  I attached to the right side of the indicator light box.  It fit nice and snug.  The Eklipse has two features that made it my choice.  One it has a cover that snaps on when the unit is not in used.  Second, it has a power switch. This will keep the unit from draining the battery.  A little light reading over at the TW200Forum told me that some outlets have a small voltage drain that can pull you battery down.

Routing the cable and attaching to the battery is pretty self explanatory.  This unit uses the standard motorcycle quick connect that more trickle battery charging systems use.  If you already have one of those pigtails in stalled you’re good to go.  Otherwise it’s pretty straight forward.

The iPhone mount I chose was from RAM Mount and also available at Performance Cycle.  The Ram Mount Tough Claw Mount w/X-Grip Phone Holder was $49.95.  I did spend a good amount of time trying to figure out how to mount it.  Wince this unit is moulded it leaves you with less options for picking the perfect place.  I think I finally figured it out.  However I have not road tested it yet.  It does clear the tank…just barely.

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